Mini Bar


Cradle £55 

Welcome to the Mini Bar the new mobility bar from Clydebuilt Fitness

Working with Physiotherapists, we have designed and manufactured the Mini Bar in 42mm stainless steel and 340mm in length and weighs 2.75lbs (1.25kg)

This can easily fit in your gym bag, for pre and post self-myofascial release work.

Light and small enough to carry about in your bag or keep at home, rather than having an Olympic bar sitting in your living room.

While getting all the release benefits of using a steel bar, with the portability of a lacrosse ball. The great design and awesome looking Mini Bar will help tackle those tight quads, hamstrings, calves and feet. Helping improve movement, mobility and recovery. Keeping your body in shape to hit those PR’s.

The Stainless Steel manufacture allows for a highly hygienic, easily cleaned piece of equipment. Which will last way longer than any other mobility tool.

Unlike hotel mini bars, you get the pleasure after the pain.


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