Looking to step up your calisthenics training? We offer a wide selection of custom calisthenics products. Working with some of the world's best calisthenics athletes, we know how to create custom rigs for optimal training. Please contact us to find out more information. 

Bespoke Calisthenics Rig (starting from £1500.00) 

Our range of expandable Calisthenics bar rigs has been designed from the ground up to give a solid rig experience. We have worked closely with top Calisthenics athletes from the UK, Europe and the USA as well as the WCO to ensure our rigs meet the demanding standards these top athletes require.

Our rigs come with 3” x 6-gauge (80mm x 5mm) structural steel hollow section uprights as standard. After lengthy consultation we have adopted the Athlete's choice for our bars which are 33.7Ø and have a galvanised finish giving maximum grip levels over painted alternatives. Parallel bars are 48.3Ø with a galvanised finish.

Our range starts with the Cube-I which is an entry level rig giving four bars for you to plan your workout.

Built in the UK and as Clydebuilt demands our rigs are strong enough to handle anything you throw at them. Through our quality and performance Clydebuilt are now the WCO recommended supplier of Calisthenics equipment for the UK and Europe.

As you grow as a Gym or an athlete you can easily add to your rig in any configuration joining cubes together or having multiple Cells.

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